In an interview I was once asked how my friends would describe me.  I blanked and, as I now know not to do, answered honestly.  "Endearingly awkward?" 

I love distance running, nomming on cashews, and lists in threes.  Born in the humble state of Delaware and raised in the slightly more interesting town of Princeton Junction, New Jersey, I made the leap to San Francisco after graduating college.  During my two years in the Bay Area, I developed a love for clean eating (with copious cheat days) and hearty meals made with tender love & care in my tiny kitchen.  I since have moved to New York City, the land of Seamless delivery and halal carts.  I try to cook as often as possible to be ingredient and nutrition-conscious, and I think the best treats are those you make yourself.  So while I eat healthy ~80% of the time, this blog skews more to semi-guilty pleasures. 

To me, food is ripe with narratives.  At Knead for Perspective, I want to share the tastes and tales of growing up Asian American at the turn of the millenium.  The intersection of East and West is one of the most important parts of my identity, one that I am excited to share.  Thanks for visiting!